Hey Fam!

Mi Familia!
Hola! Haha that’s about the extent of Spanish I know so far. Just kidding…haha. Its been a really good week yet again here at the MTC. But seriously It’s pretty crazy how fast Spanish comes to you here. I have definitely learned a lot since I have been at the MTC. The one thing I kind of struggle with is conjugations. My Spanish teacher, in the two years I took Spanish, never really touched on them. They are very important. I feel like i’m catching up to some people who have taken four years plus of Spanish.

One kind of weird thing that happened this week is that our first “investigator” that we have been teaching “Jared” became our co-teacher. So now both of our teachers kind of tag team as our investigators. I really like it because now they can give you direct feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. It’s really nice also because when they see that the class is struggling with a concept, they can cover it right after when we have class.

The food at the MTC isn’t the best in the world, but there are two specific days where I just have the best meals. First of all, I don’t know if I mentioned this last letter but we get BYU creamery ice cream every Sunday and Wednesday night. It’s way good ice cream! Also every Friday, a local Papa Johns donates like a million pizzas so we all get pizza on Friday.

One of the best days at the MTC is definitely Sundays. They are always a great break from the week because we only get to study about 2 hours. Not bad huh? We always have a person speak to us for our Sunday devotionals (as well as Tuesdays). This week it was the head of missionary work for the church. His talk was pretty good. I think his name was Stephen Allen. He said he didn’t write a talk and he was just going to speak by the Spirit. I really enjoyed his talk. Once during the night, I’m pretty sure he said something just for me. It was pretty cool!

I had a great experience Monday. We got to teach what are called member TRC’s, which means that we just give a lesson to a member that comes in for service. Our teacher gave us zero time to prepare for the TRC all day and when it finally got there we were all freaking out a little thinking we were going to fail. The lessons actually went very well. The Spanish just came and we got to chat with the two guys about their missions. One of the members told us he read the Book of Mormon all Sunday and got into the 9th chapter of Moroni, which is pretty dang close to reading the whole book in just one day. He was an awesome guy.

Ok….so I would send pictures and stuff but my batteries on my camera died and I haven’t had any time to get more… sorry guys. I got a couple pictures of me and my comp and stuff on other peoples cameras but I don’t know how I will get a hold of them.

Tuesday night a man named Nelson Cambridge of the First Quorum of the Seventy spoke to us. He’s a very intelligent man that owns a law firm downtown. I really likes a quote that actually his wife shared though, I might be butchering it but I think she said “Find the light, and hold on tight”. I really liked that quote because when you find your testimony, keep on building on it, and hold on to that light.

I love you all so much and think about all of you every day. I know the Lord has work for me to do in McAllen, Texas, and I can’t wait to get out there.

Love Elder Russell

(P.S. Kind of a cool thing. Me and my comp were sharing our testimonies with two Elders and after they asked where we were going, we said McAllen, and as it turns out both of them were from McAllen. Small world Huh?)


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