An Apostle of God at the MTC!

Hey family!

Sounds like you are all doing well without me! Haha just kidding. This week was really amazing for a couple of reasons at the MTC. I apologize before hand if this letter is short. The weeks are kind of similar at the MTC and I’m a little low on time this week.

This week went really well! For the first time I feel like I am really making some progress on Spanish. For example, this morning in the Temple, I was talking to a gentleman pretty casually that was an RM all in Spanish. Of course he said more than a few words that I had no Idea what he said or meant, but he translated them and I was able to respond.

So, because we spend like 10 plus hours in a classroom a day, so we love our gym time! There is this game called spike ball that I literally play everyday. Its soooo much fun. Another Elder in my district and I have only lost a handful of games. Look it up on youtube or something. Its way fun to play.

Our district gets assigned to do our service on Fridays every week. We have gotten assigned to clean the bathroom EVERY single week so far. Its kind of funny. We joke about how whenever we are assigned something it will definitely have to do with toilets. We kind of make it fun by just joking around the whole time, but you can only make cleaning the MTC bathroom so fun people. Those bathrooms get absolutely filthy.

On Monday, I had my favorite district in the MTC, besides mine, leave. Half of them were going to Costa Rica, and the other half to Houston Texas. We all wrote some notes in each others journals and had a cool devotional where people shared some cool stories, poems, and songs about missionary work. A couple things definitely worth looking up at home are two poems titled “The Room” and “He’s Been There Before”. Both honestly made me tear up. Both are about Christ and the role that the Atonement plays in our lives.

On Sunday evening we had a devotional with Elder Charles Dahlquist, which was the General Young Mens President and now he’s in the Seventy. He gave a really inspiring talk, as did his wife. After though, was my favorite part. We had a little fiesta with the whole district on our room after and had chips and salsa that someone’s mom sent them with some queso dip as well. Those are some of my favorite times at night when we just have the hour of free time and we all get to talk about life, what we have been learning and just goofing around.

Now for my favorite part of the week! Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to the MTC! Can you believe it? The energy in the room was absolutely crazy. Since our district has been in the choir, we got to sing the song “lead kindly light” to him. It was great. He gave a talk on how to be an effective missionary with using Preach My Gospel. My favorite part of the whole lesson is when he was talking about the plan of salvation. He touched on a point and said ” People ask why we do things this way or that. The easiest answer is just explaining the plan of salvation. A ton of the hard questions and the politically “incorrect ways” we do things as a church are correct in the eyes of God. I don’t know if that made sense how I put it but it was great.

I love you all so much! If you have some extra time in the week….I love getting Dear Elders and hearing about your lives! Love you all so much.

Elder Russell

BTW, Two songs I have enjoyed listening to while doing language study that are worth looking into are “Nearer my God to Thee” By Vocal Point and “Homeward Bound” By Vocal Point. Anything by MOTAB is good too. 🙂



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