The Book of Mormon challenge

Hey Family!

I apologize because I have about 10 minutes to write this whole letter. I first of all want to say I love all of you so much! Seriously, you all are the greatest and I pray for you all every day.

Alright, so the Book of Mormon challenge. Our President of our District challenged us to read the Book of Mormon by the end of our MTC Stay. I’m on track! I’ve been reading about 20 plus pages a day. I just hit the book of Helamen. Alma literally took so long. Don’t get me wrong, he had a lot of good things to say, he just had a lot of them. I have loved this challenge so much. To be honest, at home when you read about a chapter a night, you don’t retain hardly anything. But when you read it in bulk, like you are reading your favorite novel, you retain a ton! You follow the story and know what is going on at all times! Our President promised us blessings from this and I have already seen the blessings of this challenge. I would say this would be a good challenge for everybody but it does take a ton of time!

We got a new district in our zone. They are all pretty good missionaries. We got a kid from South Africa (the country). Another Update on the service we got assigned. We got assigned bathrooms. Again. Seriously I think the guy who runs the show has it out for us. Celestial cleaning at its finest!

My first fast Sunday. pretty hard. Not going to lie. You are constantly doing things in the MTC so when you are constantly thinking and doing things, burning energy, you are absolutely starved by dinner. It was a good experience though and I’m grateful for fasting and all the blessings that we have received from that fast already. This Sunday night we got to see the movie “The Testaments”! How cool is that show? Kind of cheesy at points, but cool. Really gives you a perspective of the end of the book of Mormon when Christ is in his ministry in the Americas.

OK, last cool thing that happened this week was our Tuesday night devotional. Bishop Caussê came. He is the first counselor in the presiding bishopric in the church. I don’t really know what that means, but he sounds pretty high up there? He was a seventy before this calling. He had some amazing stories! Seriously so cool! After we had our district meeting. One quote I really enjoyed is by our district president, he said ” You come into the MTC as teenagers with ties on, you leave as men of God”. So true. I can already see some changes in myself I believe.

OK I just wanted to briefly bare my testimony to you all. I know that Christ lives. I know that he LOVES each and every single one of us. I know it! I feel Christ’s love every day. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he restored the last dispensation to the face of the earth. I know we CAN live with God again. With absolute confidence I know this. If I didn’t have a testimony of all of this before, which I did, I definitely do now!! I know Christ suffered for each of us.

I’m about two minutes over time. I love all of you. Stay strong in the gospel. God puts trials on us not to break us down, but to make us stronger!

Con Amor,

Elder Russell



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