My First Talk En Espanol

Hey! How is everyone? Another week at the MTC Has flown by. So, I leave the MTC on Monday. On the first day, I was pretty convinced I would be in the MTC for an eternity. It doesn’t even feel like I have been here for two weeks! Pretty crazy how time is already passing so quick because I’m on a mission. Kind of a funny thing is that you have no awareness of the outside world. It literally took me all day to realize one day that it was September 11th! Such a tragic day in American history and I didn’t even think about it… something everybody in the district was kind of laughing at was that we got our flight plans on Sep. 11th. Bad karma? I have faith a plane full of missionary s will get there safely.

On Saturday, all anybody really could talk about is the BYU game and how much they miss football. I was just kind of like, “yeah! haha football is great…” not a huge football fan. We chose to do personal study outside that night because the BYU football player in our district wanted to hear the crowd. I’m sad to say not much studying was done. The crowd was crazyyy. You could hear the cheers very clearly and the cannons when they scored from the picnic table we were “studying” at.

Sunday, as usual was my favorite day for a couple of reasons. I was pretty busy. I was assigned to teach District meeting. We did that and it was super easy because those meetings are all in English. Next, I got the awesome opportunity to pass the Sacrament. I haven’t passed the Sacrament since I was probably like 14 years old or so. It brought back some good memories of being a Deacon! Every week we are supposed to prepare a talk in Spanish. In the meeting, the Branch President, President Doman, calls on someone to speak. I had the opportunity out of the whole zone to be the one to talk. My talk was about enduring to the end. I think It went pretty well. I got a couple of comments that said my accent sounded really good. I think thats from reading El Libro De Mormon out loud. And on Sunday, I finished! It took me a little over 4 weeks to finish the whole Book Of Mormon. I have never in my whole life read that book that quick. I was about the 3rd person in my district to finish. I was by no means speed reading though. I got a ton out of it. I took a ton of notes and highlighted it up pretty good.

On Sunday night we had our movie night. My companion and I decided to watch a talk by Elder Bednar. The talk was titled ” Becoming Missionary’s” How great was that! He told a couple of stories that made me want to not only be a better missionary, but just a better follower of Christ. He is definitely my favorite apostle. I like Holland, but there is nobody that comes close to Elder Bednar for me. I want to listen to him in person so bad. He’s so profound and really makes me feel the Spirit every time I listen to him.

Another cool reading experience for me. I read the book ” Our Search for Happiness” In one day. I love that book. Such a simple rundown of our church! I think that your testimony would grow every time you read that. Reading about the whole plan and some insights from Russell M. Ballard. What a cool guy. I would highly suggest reading that book. I also started reading Jesus the Christ. That book is longer than the Book of Mormon and New Testament combined. Hopefully I finish sometime on my mission!

Tuesday night was my favorite speaker thus far! Yes even in my opinion better than hearing Dallin H Oaks. President Rosemary M. Wixom came and spoke! She is the President of the Primary of the whole church. She commented a lot on the mission of Nephi, Sam, Laman, and Lemuel. How cool! She commented on how if Laman or Lemuel would have had a change of heart, how history in the Book of Mormon could of been changed. Really cool. And if you think about it, Laman and Lemuel were obedient missionary’s. I know it sounds really weird but they were! The only thing that separated them from their companions and brothers was how they went about it, not murmuring and having a good attitude! That makes me want to be a Nephi or Sam in my mission, not complain about the small stuff and serve Christ with all my heart, might mind and strength.

Everyone have an awesome week! I love you all and think about you and pray for you all everyday!

Elder Russell








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