Conferencia General!

Hey Family!

How goes it family? I trust everything back in Utah is great. First of all, I want to tell you all how much I love you guys and miss each of you!

OK, so I’ll explain how a general day goes in the field. At 5:30 am we wake up. Pretty early right? We go and play B-Ball in the mornings so we wake up an hour early so we can get some good playing time in. After basketball, we come back, shower, get ready, and are praying and studying by 8:00 AM. At 9:00 am we have comp study and 10:00 we do language study. At 11:00 we have training that we will do for all 12 weeks where my trainer and I teach each other. By 12:00 we eat lunch, and usually by 12:30 or 1:00 we are out the door. I’m in a car area in the mission so we drive to our part of the area. We are supposed to take two bike days a week. It gives us some exercise I guess!

Most days we get fed and we get fed well! All of the food down here is Mexican food. Seriously all of it! So much of it that at times I wonder if I can keep it all down…haha. Don’t get me wrong….I’m really enjoying the food but they just insist that you eat a lot of it!. If any of you have had Mexican food from Mexico, you would know how spicy it is! Kind of funny I’ve never been someone for spicy food before. I think the spiciest thing I’ve actually ever eaten has been hot Cheetos before the mission! When we go shopping I don’t even worry about dinner foods. The members are super sweet people down here and definitely take great care of their missionaries!

One thing I’ve really come to love here in the mission is tie digging. They have these places here in Laredo called Bodegas. They are like big warehouses FULL of clothes. They are all the clothes that have been through retail or secondary retail, (like Ross or Burlington Coat Factory), and when they don’t get bought there, Bodegas snaps them up for SUPER cheap. Ill give you an example. I got a Sax Fifth Avenue tie today, a couple Trumps, a Behar and a Bugatti for 25 cents! Crazy cheap. Way fun.

A little bit about my comp, Elder Hickman. What a guy!! Seriously one of the biggest things I was stressing about was getting a bad trainer that had lost some of his fire for serving a mission and baptizing. I got the opposite. My comp is tremendous! He seriously drives me to be better every day, gives me tips, and I think we have some way good lessons together. Such a good guy and I can’t imagine not hanging out with him after the mission!

The good news of this week though is I got my bike back! Super cool. I lent my bike to another Elder because he left his in Corpus Christi. My comp and I were on foot for our walk days for a couple of weeks. It’s OK though, It made us feel like some really good tough missionaries:)

A little bit about our apartment. It’s pretty big I hear compared to others? It’s really nice. We keep really good care of it. We even mop it with Pine Sol so it smells amazing. I got blessed with some really clean roommates. I live with Elder Hickman, Elder Carter, and Elder Cazier which all are great Elders. Me and Elder Cazier are both greenies. Elder Cazier actually went to Bingham High School with me. He was good friends with some people in our neighborhood! Really good guy.

So….Conference! What a great thing conference is right? I loved it. For Saturday morning, I had a couple of favorites. First, Elder Uchtdorf’s talk….what a great talk! Elder Cook’s talk for super good too. For the afternoon it was James B Martino. For Priesthood, once again Elder Uchtdorf’s talk was SUPER good. And Saturday afternoon? We got 3 new apostles! Elder Hickman was saying that hasn’t happened since 1911. Crazy! On Sunday, Von G Keetch’s talk about the shark barrier and the commandments was really powerful. In all, conference was really good this year. I couldn’t figure out if Thomas S. Monson didn’t feel well? He only spoke once the entire conference. Weird right? I hope he’s O.K. I also kind of found David Bednars talk on why apostles are old to be really interesting.

I love all of you guys! I hope you all have a fantastic week!


Elder Russell






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