Hey Family!

Hey Family!

How’s everyone doing? I sure miss you all! Another super good week in the mission. Things are going good. I love you all and miss you guys so much!

What a fantastic week! I felt like we got a lot done and found a lot of people to teach. Not a great showing at church but I think we made some great plans to turn that around!

I want to talk a little about Elder Hickman and I’s investigators. First of all we have M*. M* is a super cool kid! We met this guy actually last Monday after P-day, looking for his dad. We knocked on his door asking for his dad, but he was busy! We told M* a little about the message and he was really interested. We spent an hour with him that night teaching the restoration. He really liked it. He’s been progressing really well and he says he received an answer about Joseph Smith. Really exciting stuff. I think he has some real potential. He didn’t come to church though. I was pretty disappointed but then I thought he’s only 14! He probably forgot? I’ll make sure I call him this Sunday morning!

Next, is A* and S*. Like my favorite people in the mission thus far. By far the coolest. These two girls are sisters. Elder Hickman taught them for a few lessons before I came in so I don’t really know how they found them. They really love the lessons. We taught the law of chastity to A*. She is living with her boyfriend right now. She has a kid and she is about my age. We basically told her to get baptized, she either has to get married, or kick her boyfriend out. She broke down to us and told us about some abuse that has been going on. Super sad stuff. We’re creating plans right now trying to help her out!

We also have some more investigators but those are the standouts right now. Hopefully we pick up some more this week. This week we had zone conference! Really cool activity. They took us in a car all blindfolded. They led us into a building and told us to wait. We waited and then were led to a rope. They told us to grab it and to not let go until we were welcomed home. Then, as we followed the rope in the pitch black, people would come and try to pull us away from the rope and tell us they know the way. Eventually, after taking a ton of wrong turns and believing a couple of people who told me to let go, I got to the end and was welcomed home. I was able to take off my blindfold and we were in the church and we ended at the baptismal font. Really cool visual lesson of the iron rod and how important it is to follow it. They talked a lot about baptism and how important that is and that it is the essential first step in the gospel.

Love you guys so much! I hope you guys all have a good week. I pray for you guys every day!


Elder Russell



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