First big miracle.


How’s it going? I heard it’s getting colder up there in Utah huh? It’s still pretty hot down here. We went out of our apartment this morning and it felt like the best thing ever because it was below 80! I definitely don’t miss that bitter cold yet. I’ve heard it can get pretty cold down here at times though? I guess i’ll find out!

So this week we got the opportunity to go on exchanges! It was way fun! I got the opportunity to go with Elder Chacin. Really cool guy. He is from Venezuela and his family lives in West Jordan right now! Super close to where we live in South Jordan! He is a really good guy and we had a really good time together. For the transfer, we were in an area and a city called Rio Bravo. Pretty cool place because you can constantly look over and see the Rio Grande and Mexico! We got super close. That city is absolutely infested with Border Patrol. We met a really funny kid on the exchange. His name is R*. He is 16 years old and currently lives with one of his girlfriends. HE HAS 3 KIDS. He is 16 people. What the heck? He told us he had his first kid at 12 years old. He seemed pretty generally interested.

OK the miracle of the week. Me and my companion, Elder Hickman, were riding up to a baptism that someone in our district was having, and I decided to ride my bike over to this guy that was sitting on his porch and talk with him. We got talking and he started telling us about all of these financial problems he was having. My Comp started talking about tithing! At first I thought, the last thing we should talk about is how we give 10 percent of our money away! Crazy right? But, he was like ” That’s why I’m having financial struggles! I haven’t been paying tithing!” He immediately asked us if he should give it to us or what? We told him that it’s a privilege for baptized members. We started talking about baptism. We told him we baptize people exactly how Christ was baptized. He was like “Are you serious? I got baptized wrong too!” This guy is super prepared. We invited him to the baptism and he came and loved it! He felt the Spirit really strongly. After, he was talking to the branch pres. and he ended up asking for a blessing. Elder Hickman gave him one and in the blessing Elder Hickman mentioned that God will be with him to help with his struggles he has with his wife and daughter. The crazy part about that is we didn’t know he had a daughter! After the blessing he was crying! He couldn’t believe that E. Hickman had said that. Along with two members from the ward we taught him a lot about the Gospel right there at the the baptism.

We also got a new investigator that served two tours in iraq! He is soooo cool! His leg got hit with an RPG! I think he really likes me because I watched a lot of military movies at home and were able to talk A LOT about the military! He is really interested in baptism!

I love all of you a lot! Have a great week and Ill keep you all in my prayers!


Elder Russell



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