A lot of rain, Corpus Christi, and the Ocean.

Hey Family!

This week has been really good down here in Laredo, TX. We found a lot of great potential investigators and some really prepared people to hear the gospel. A Seventy actually came down this week to have a mission conference with us! His name is Elder Dube. He is one of the two black Seventies. He is a very interesting guy. He is from East Africa but I’ll talk more about that a little later.

First cool thing this week we did was go up to Corpus, or the great white north as they call it here in my mission. I saw some white people! Crazy. The only white people you see down here in Laredo, no kidding, are missionaries. It kind of felt weird to be completely honest. It’s about a 3 hour drive up to Corpus, so we woke up at 3:30 AM, got ready and started driving. It’s part of the mission rules that I have to stay awake the whole time Elder Hickman is driving. It was SUPER hard to stay awake. I felt soooo tired. Then, we had the conference with Elder Dube. Really cool guy and he said some really cool stuff. My favorite comments were from the Mission Pres., President Maluenda is truly an inspired man. He talked about David. He talked about the rise of David and killing Goliath, being the King, and then the fall. He talked about how the little bad decisions we make slowly drag us down. In the scriptures, it talks about David ignoring his duties and not going to battle that day, then he slept in, and eventually one bad choice after the other led to the Bathsheba incident.

We got to see the ocean when we went up to Corpus! After we had the meeting, we went to a place called Whataburger by the Bay. It was so Awesome! We drank shakes and watched the ocean for a while. Not really a clear ocean like Hawaii, but for the gulf of Mexico, It was beautiful.

It sounds like you guys all heard about the hurricane in Mexico? It POURED rain here. E. Hickman and I had to take a bike day that day and ride through the rain! It was awesome! I think that has been one of the the best moments on my mission thus far.

We found a really good family to teach this week! The woman who answered the door happened to be a member! She has been inactive for two years. Her children all need to be baptized. We are going to teach them the lessons, hopefully baptize the kids and reactivate the mom and baptize the father. What a great thing that would be! Also J* (the man we met last week on the way to our baptism) will probably be baptized next Sunday! Pray for him will you guys? Hopefully he doesn’t have a drinking problem! He just got a job too and he attributes that to our lessons with him!

The mission has taught me a lot thus far. It has taught me a lot about patience and rejection. It has really taught me that patience is a virtue and that when you get rejected, to keep a good attitude! It always gets better. Also, if you feel like you have a bad situation, you can always turn it around if you change your attitude about that situation. E. Hickman has taught me a lot about that. Also, letting the Spirit guide your decisions. E. Hickman is so in tune with the Spirit. I’m really trying to listen to the Spirit before I make any decisions now. It truly is our constant companion.

I love all of you guys so very much. I hope you all have the best week ever. Talk to you all next week!


Elder Russell




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