Halloween, and a Christmas Party!

Hey Family!

This week has been really good! Right now for November, we should be getting about 3 baptisms this month, one of which is this Sunday. All of our Investigators are progressing really well and I think we have some really good weeks ahead.

One of our zone leaders is actually leaving this week. So, because his favorite holiday to spend in the mission is Christmas, we had our zone Christmas party early. What a great time! They decorated a room in the church super well and they had Christmas music playing, people had Christmas ties and different clothes on. Really funny. We all also brought white elephant gifts and exchanged those. My favorite part was that we watched the “He is the gift” video. I felt the Spirit really strongly watching that video again. I really just loved it because it showed how the season isn’t about gift giving or decorations or anything else. Its about our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the gift.

So, Elder Hickman got called to be a district leader! How crazy is that? Usually your trainer stays with you for about two transfers. Which would be twelve weeks out in the field. But, because he got called to be a DL, He is most likely leaving. I should get my new companion for next transfer tomorrow. I’m really sad he won’t be able to stay for the baptism Sunday. He was a great companion and really taught me how to be a great missionary. I love him and I know that he will be a great district leader.

Halloween day was a couple of days after that. All missionaries in Laredo have to be in doors by 6:00 P:M. When we got in, we did a weekly planning session which took a little over a couple of hours and then we just played games and ate candy. We had a really good time with each other.

So, church this Sunday was great. I had no idea how long missionaries had to be at church before the mission. We were there a total of about seven hours. We went to the Spanish branch, English, and YSA. We have investigators going to all of them! But, the cool story is that one of our investigators is getting baptized this Sunday. When we were sitting down, he all of a sudden says ” Hey, should I go up and do that testimony thing” Elder Hickman basically said, “if you want…” He got up and bore his testimony! This guy isn’t even a member of our church and he bore his testimony about baptism and Jesus Christ. What a great experience. He was so nervous but he said he felt something inside of him telling him to do it really strongly and it wouldn’t go away. It’s amazing how the Spirit really works on people!

Hope to get letters from you all next week! I love you all!


Elder Russell


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