Sorpresa! Corpus Christi Zone, Rockport

Hey family!

So some unexpected news for me… Elder Hickman and I both got transferred! I was really surprised. Especially because we had a baptism for the coming Sunday and two more this month. I thought at least they would keep one of us there? Not sure why. Lucky elders whoever went to Laredo. I love that place. I’m really going to miss it. The people there are one of a kind!

I got moved to a place about an hour away from Corpus Christi named Rockport. It’s a really cool place so far! Its surrounded by the ocean. I live about a 30 second or so walk from my trailer (Yes…I live in a trailer park now ) to the ocean. My new companion and I cover about 3 cities so I am in a car area again. When I got to Rockport, It was definitely a mini culture shock. White people were everywhere. I couldn’t believe it! For example, my first night here, we went over to the Branch President’s house, Brother and Sister Marrow. Really great people. They fed us this amazing Italian food on these really nice plates in this super nice house. After being in Laredo, eating Mexican food all day with my hands, this was an odd experience. But, all the people here are really nice. They have really welcomed me into the branch and really treat me like a member of the family.

So, because I got moved areas, I got a new companion! He is a really great guy. His name is Elder Jardine. He is from Syracuse Utah. He grew up their but his family did just move to Twin Falls Idaho, so he never knows what to say when people ask him where he is from! He’s a really great guy though. His Spanish is excellent! He served a couple of months in Mexico so hopefully my Spanish improves a lot from being around him. We live in a trailer complete with cockroaches and rats….we have to keep our food in the oven to keep it safe! haha!

When I got here. Elder Jardine and his old comp already had a golden investigator. His name is Troy. A really cool old biker kind of a guy. He really wants to get baptized. His wife is a member but she was non active. She’s now reactivated! Really exciting for this family. Troy had a problem with chewing tobacco though. He has been on chew since he was 14 years old. So, getting him to stop was hard at first, but he has such a strong desire and drive to get baptized, he decided to stop. He just went out and bought a new suit for his baptism and his whole family from San Antonio is coming down. He is really really excited.

This Sunday, we had a stake/regional conference thing? Elder Oaks spoke and also a sister I can’t remember her name and Lawrence E. Corbridge. Both of these guys spoke while I was in the MTC as well. My favorite part was Lawrence E Corbridges talk. He talked about how great signs and miracles never satisfy somebody, but finding faith in Christ is the true nourishment everyone needs. He also talked a little bit about how there are doubts everywhere in the church, but if you keep firm in your basic testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that the church is true, your testimony won’t waiver.

Love you all so much. Have a fantastic week!

Con Amor,

Elder Russell


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