Mi Primer Bautismo!

Hey Family!

So this week in Rockport was definitely way awesome! We had a baptism! We baptized a guy named Troy. I think I mentioned him a little in last weeks letter. He’s really great. The baptism went off great. He was baptized by his brother in law. Some of the highlights though were from Troys wife’s talk at the baptism. She mentioned how excited he was to be baptized and the story of them first going to church. After the first week at church, he knew it was true. She then talked about how in a year from now they have plans to get sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple. It was a really special experience being a part of Troy’s conversion process.

This week, an AP came down to work with some of the Corpus Christi elders. He is a really good guy. I actually got a chance to work with him and a zone leader for about a half of a day. He really gave me some good tips for the rest of the mission and setting high goals for myself. The rest of the day I worked in the actual city of Corpus with another missionary, Elder Stanley. Really good guy. He is for sure a character.

Another miracle for the week actually took place last night. We were at the Arriagas house, a family from Guatemala. Really really special people. They are actually in the Spanish branch up here, but they are so far from the Spanish branch missionaries, so they had us teaching them. We were teaching them for the last couple weeks. They decided to switch branches to the English. All the kids speak English besides one, and the parents only speak Spanish but they understand English really well. Besides the point, we finally convinced the mom that Reina could be baptized! Her Baptismal date is only 2 Sundays from now! Really exciting. I’ve never seen somebody so excited to be baptized.

Anyways, thats about all I have to report for this week! I’m about to head off to a three day exchange down in Corpus. That should be so much fun! Love you all a ton!

Elder Russell


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