Another Week Here in Rockport!

Hey Family!

How is everyone!? I missed seeing all of your faces around for Thanksgiving, however, not being there for Thanksgiving really gives you perspective on how much family means to you and how much of a blessing having a family here on earth really is. I got fed well though! We got fed back to back at some members homes here in Rockport. Really great families! The ward down here is always so supportive of us missionaries.

This week has been really fantastic! I’m getting to really love the area and get into the groove of things it seems. Last P-Day, I got the chance to go on an exchange with another “Greenie”, Elder Gonzalez! It was awesome! We had such a great time together! I really love exchanges out here in the field because it gives you a chance to see how other missionaries work and teach and gives you a chance to evaluate your own teaching ability and to always be improving!

This week as I mentioned before, we ate a lot. This Wednesday we got the opportunity to go over to a part member’s family house and have a little “Pre-Thanksgiving”. It was great! The member in the house, Thomas, does a lot of missionary work with us. His little sister, Chia, has been investigating the church since Thomas has, for over a couple of years now. Somewhat of a miracle happened though, she came to church! It was really great. We have some high expectations and we really think that we will be able to baptize her someday. She knows all of the lessons backwards and forwards so we just need to figure out what she finally needs to make that jump to baptism.

This week we had a super cool miracle happen. We had just got done visiting a member, and went over to visit a potential, Blade. He didn’t answer so we were walking back to our car and saw this guy on his apartment balcony smoking. I got the impression to go and talk to him and we did. He ended up telling us on the porch a bunch of his problems in life and how much he needs God and a church. We had a restoration lesson with him and he was committed to be baptized next month!

Another awesome miracle happened just yesterday. Elder Jardine and I knocked on this guys house with no response after a couple of knocks so we went to the next houses. About 10 minutes later we heard someone calling us, and I was like “what the heck, who would be calling us”? This guys house who we had been knocking on was calling us over and he wanted to know what we wanted. We ended up getting in his door and talking for a long time. He was actually reading the Bible when we knocked and got the impression to answer the door. I love meeting these prepared people that the Lord has touched every week. Being a missionary I get to see miracles like this happen almost daily.

I love you guys so much! Have a great week everybody!


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