Hey Family!

How are you all doing? It’s been a great week here in Rockport. We are doing really well. Before our first baptism, Rockport hadn’t seen a baptism for over a year, and now we are coming up on our 3rd as a companionship this Sunday. We have been blessed a ton for our efforts. I really have grown to love this area and all the members in it. We’re starting to see a real change in the attitude of the branch towards converts. Before, they would discourage a baptism unless they were investigating forever it seems. Now, since we have been here, they encourage us to go get those converts!

This week has been really full. This Monday was transfers. I thought for sure my companion Elder Jardine would get transferred. He has been here for four transfers already which is already really long for one area. We ended up both staying! I’m really excited for this next transfer because we have a ton of potential here in Rockport now! I know this next transfer will be really successful here and I definitely know that we were both called here for a reason.

Good news! We have another Baptism this Sunday! I don’t know if I have told you guys too much about this investigator but she is awesome! Her name is Opal. She is a really prepared person! She just passed her interview yesterday and she couldn’t be more excited to finally make this covenant. The adversity she is overcoming to make this step is crazy. Her home life situation is so crazy and so many things have happened in her life.

Thursday this week was awesome! I got the chance to see my last seminary teacher from high school Brother Bowen! He was down here to visit his son who actually lives in our ward! Small world huh? We helped them laying some concrete… (not really me because another elder and I were just visiting an investigator and were in dress clothes).

Also on Thursday, we were visiting a member named the Thompson’s. They had a little girl about 12 years old at there house. We started talking to her and gave her the first discussion. She was so excited! She really enjoyed the lesson. We learned later that she was a neighbor of these members. Really sad situation. Her mom was 14 when she had her and has been addicted to dope since then. Her sister that was just born has been in the hospital because of the dope her mom was doing while she was pregnant, so Brandy, this little girl hangs out at the Thompson’s because they actually have food to eat and are good people. We hope to really bless this little girls life. Pray for this little girl and her family? They desperately need it.

That’s it for this week! I hope you all have a truly wonderful Christmas. Remember to watch LDS’s new Christmas video that they put out? It’s really inspiring and puts the true meaning of Christmas in perspective. Love you all!

Elder Russell




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