Feliz Navidad

Hey Family!

This week was definitely one of the best in the mission! We had a ton of fun and had some success yesterday! We are seeing some amazing blessings from the Lord for our hard work. It really pays off being obedient and really working as hard as you can.

I’ll start with P-Day last week! We ended up all P-Day planning a skit for the Christmas conference that was happening down in McAllen! We couldn’t really think of anything so we ended up doing this Carol battle with another zone in the mission. It turned out pretty good I think…

Then we had mission conference the next day! What an awesome day! I got to see all the Elders and Sisters that I knew from Laredo and got to see my first comp. from the MTC and my first comp in the field! We got to perform the skits, and did a little gift exchange and had some testimonies from some of the Elders that were leaving the mission. It was a way fun experience to see everybody!

Christmas eve day was so weird being away from home….but it was great! We made the best of it for sure and really had fun. My companion plays a little bit of the Ukelele so we went around singing Christmas carols to members and investigators! It was a really fun experience! Our voices weren’t that good but I’m pretty sure the Uke made them sound O.K. We had to be in by 6:00 as a mission rule Christmas Eve so we basically just played games that night and ate a ton of candy out of our packages. You can’t ask for more than that right?

Christmas day was really really great. My companion and I both got packages from our family’s and got to open presents about 7 A.M. right after workouts. We then went to a members house and had a super fancy Christmas lunch! We played the Uke to all of the members we visited and then went to a little pot luck at one of the local trailer parks that a member lives at! The whole trailer park lives there and at the end they had us sing again! I thought I would die from embarrassment to perform for that many people but it was fun.

Alright, so I kind of have an embarrassing story about the baptism we had yesterday! We were baptizing an investigator named Opal. I ended up being the person to baptize her, so naturally I was super nervous to finally get in the font and do the ordinance! We got in and I said the prayer perfectly. I dunked her and on the way back up she hit her head on the railing! I was so shocked. I had no Idea what to do! I just said “I’M SO SORRY” I looked up at the witnesses and they said the baptism was good so I got out of that font as quick as I could have! She ended up being fine! She was just shocked. I was so worried! She thought she might have been bleeding in the font or something. So, everything turned out O.K.! I just told the members who asked me about it after I knocked the sin right out of her!

Love you guys a ton! Have a great week and don’t stop thinking about our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ just because Christmas is past!

Elder Russell


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