Feliz Ano Nuevo!


Hey! What a great week here in good old Rockport, Texas. I have some really great experiences to share with Y’all this week!

First of all we had a great new year here! We had the opportunity to actually get to do something really special and watch a movie this year! They let all of us get together in our zones and watch ” The Polar Express”. It was really great! I have never really particularly enjoyed that movie before the mission, but when you haven’t watched T.V. or seen a movie in almost 5 months you enjoy it a ton! Plus, it was a ton of fun getting together with the zone. Sometimes Elder Jardine and I get feeling pretty secluded from the zone because we are clear up in Rockport about an hour from Corpus and the rest of the zone!

Another great thing that happened this week is we got the chance to confirm Opal this Sunday! She was really excited to be able to receive the Holy Ghost. She is a really great person and I feel so privileged to be able to help her into the Gospel. She will be a relief society president down here in no time at all! 😉

Another great story about yesterday night. We were in an area called Key Allegro. A really super rich area up in Rockport. Mostly vacation homes and mansions but we decided to try our luck with some of the rich folk up here. On this one house/mansion we knocked and a super nice lady answered! She let us in and poured us some coke. She ended up getting the whole restoration lesson. After the lesson, I challenged her to pray about it. I kid you not she said, “Why pray about it? I believe everything you guys have told me!” I have never had somebody say that! Hopefully we will be able to set a baptismal date with her soon. She also owned the company James Avery? It’s a massive jewelry company and she sold her half awhile ago, but to say the least she is pretty wealthy!

Alright, now for the miracle of the week. A man down here named Jack Taylor, A really devout member of the branch has been smoking all of his life. He is like 65 years old and we finally made a plan on Christmas day for him to stop smoking. He followed the 7 day plan we made and he has been smoke free since the 1st. I couldn’t be more excited for him. His goal is to go to the temple in March and do all the work for his family. Things like that for me on the mission are just as meaningful as a baptism. I love helping people out with their daily challenges and helping them receive the fullness of the gospel.

There is a ton happening in Rockport and I really wish I could write you guys all day about the things happening here! I’m about out of time but I love you all a lot! Have a great new year and make sure you keep your new year’s resolution’s longer than a week!


Elder Russell



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