No podia pensar en un tema


Como esta todo? This week went super well. No baptisms or anything super crazy but we just really had a solid week of teaching and finding new people. First and foremost, something funny. Last P-Day, I wanted to save a couple of bucks so I found this home hair cutting set in the Zone Leaders apartment and decided it would be a good idea to ask another missionary to cut it! He did it and it doesn’t look too bad! I got a haircut called a fade. I don’t know how popular they are back home but they are so super popular down here. All the Latinos get them and put crazy “lines” in there hair. I put just a little line in my hair right at my part. I think it looks pretty dang good!

This week we went and visited one of our investigators named Jimmy. Great guy! I don’t know If I told you guys too much about him but he has a ton of seizures so he’s not able to drive ever. It’s a good thing though because he is always home for a lesson! This week he gave me a Jesus Cross that actually says Jesus on it but it looks like a cross! It’s super super cool but I’m not sure if it’s bad having a cross like that though? I’ll have to ask a member! I’ll send it home though either way. He makes these cross things so he can make a few extra bucks because he is disabled and can’t work. He is a really hardcore Christian and believes he is saved. Christian’s down here have a funny idea that if they believe enough in Christ, they are automatically saved by grace? I don’t really get that concept at all but they all believe it!

O.K. kind of a cool story! We have an investigator named M*S* and he is the coolest guy! He will get baptized for sure. He grew up in Moab Utah and just barely got into a car accident that he thinks God did to kind of send him a message to come unto Him

. He’s really awesome. He hasn’t had an issue with the law of chastity or word of wisdom since the accident, even before we started talking to him! The only problem is he has a girlfriend and she is technically married but hasn’t seen her husband in over 10 years. He is trying to work it out to get the divorce finalized. After that, he will be able to get baptized! Stay tuned and pray for a miracle people! We really need one to get this divorce through so fast!

Thursday was an awesome but a very very sad day for Elder Jardine and I. We had a zone meeting and we were so inspired! It was probably the best zone meeting that I have been to. We talked about why we are on missions and how we have committed to people in heaven, our friends and family, to find them. It was super cool. I can’t really describe it but it was great. OK now the sad part. Our first convert, T* has relapsed on the word of wisdom. Really sad. His wife doesn’t want him to know that we know yet though. She’s scared of a divorce if she told about it to anybody. We don’t really know what to do. We talked to the branch president and worked everything out. We think we will be able to help him without confronting him directly. Pray for T* please. I’m really worried about this situation!

Good day yesterday especially. We had four investigators at church. We ended up finding four new investigators after as well and really just had an awesome day. Things are really going good and hopefully we have some more baptisms to report soon! Love you all so much. Hope you all have a great week in the snow! Haha.

Elder Russell


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