Good Ol’ Rockport

Hey Family!

Transfer time has come again. Seems like the time is just flying by right? At least it is for me! We actually got notified super early today about the transfers so I’m able to tell you guys early! I’m staying in Rockport! My companion Elder Jardine is getting shipped out to Laredo North. He got called to be a Zone Leader up there. Super excited for him!

I also found out who my new companion is! His name is Elder Sanchez. He was just barely working in an area called Flour Bluff in the Corpus Christi zone still. So, we know each other super well and I’m so dang excited to be working with him. I’ll send you guys a picture ASAP but he is from El Salvador I believe. That should help me with my Spanish right? I think he mainly grew up in the states but I know he is fluent in Spanish since he came out. I’m really excited to start working with him and really have some more success in Rockport!

This week Elder Jardine and I absolutely killed it. The standard of an excellent missionary in this mission is finding 7 new investigators a week. We crushed that goal and found 12 New investigators! They all seem really cool. I’ll let you guys know in a week of any progress because I don’t have time to tell you about each one! I’ll tell you about my favorite though!

So, Elder Anderson and I were on exchanges Tuesday night, it was getting late, and we hadn’t found anybody. We decided to pray and get some guidance. We prayed and set out to contact some referrals. At like 8:00 at night, we found 5 new investigators! It was crazy. The one I think has the most potential is named Roxanne. She is a mother with 4 boys. We came to the door and taught a principal and challenged her to be baptized. She accepted and told us her kids needed it too! All of them are above 8 years old so I’m super excited as you can imagine. Hopefully all goes well!

This week we also had a world wide missionary conference! It was awesome! We had some amazing speakers. The theme of the conference was “Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts”. It really inspired me. This was a really special event because the church hasn’t done a conference for all the missionaries in over 10 years. It amazes me that they had a conference for over 75000 missionaries serving all over the world!

I’m really blessed to be serving in Rockport again. I really love the people here and couldn’t be more happy to serve here. Serving in Corpus for a lot of people is kind of a bummer because you don’t speak any Spanish, but, I really love it. You can have just as much success up here! Plus, this is just where the lord needs me for at least 6 more weeks! Wish me luck! I will keep all Y’all in my prayers!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Russell


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