New comp. Old area.

Hey Family!

How is it back in Utah? Sounds like it’s pretty cold! Down in Rockport, we were in the 70’s all week and sunny! It was great. Good thing the weather was great because our planning was bad and we ran out of miles Monday! Our area covers 4 whole cities so we had to find a lot of rides from people with trucks to haul our bikes somewhere, and then get a ride back. Stressful, but you do what you gotta do right?

This honestly was a great week. Elder Sanchez and I had a ton of success. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but we held off on it. Originally, our investigator wanted me to baptize him today, but, his dad came to us and expressed the desire to be able to baptize him. We were really excited. He has been smoking for a couple of years now and he has to stop before he can. We got him an interview and he is in the process of stopping. I’m really glad we didn’t have a baptism this week because it gives the Dad a chance to change as well as his son. Hopefully he will be more active after his son’s baptism.

Having a new companion in your area is crazy! You have to show them where everything is and how the area works. It’s honestly a ton of stress. It’s a lot of fun as well though! Elder Sanchez has been out for a year and a half. He served a year in Mexico and 6 months here, so he came in with me. He came home from Mexico because he developed a tumor on his neck. He had to go home and get surgery and the recovery time ended up being a year. I’m so blessed that he ended up here at this time. He is such a blessing to me because he is originally from El Salvador (He lived there until he was 9) and he is fluent in Spanish. I think this transfer will really help me with my Spanish.

Do Y’all remember Jack Taylor? He is the old guy in our branch that has been smoking his whole life. Well, going from 2 1/2 packs a day, he has been smoke free for a month! He is a stud. I’m super happy for him and he will be able to go to the temple in a month for the first time! He is beyond excited to be able to do work for his family in the house of the Lord.

Not too much else going on here in Rockport! We are working super hard and really enjoying the work. I’m super excited to be in Rockport for another month and a half and to get to know the members and people here even better. I hope all of you have a fantastic week and make sure to tell me about them! Love you all!


Elder Russell

DSCN1184 DSCN1209


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