6 months? That was fast.

Hey Family!

I hope everyone’s week/Valentine’s Day went really well! My week down here in Rockport went really well! For most of the week, I was with the Elders in Portland. My companion was down in McAllen for training’s because he is a district leader. They do this thing called three day when all the leaders in the mission get together and get training for half the day and go out and work in McAllen for the rest of the day. I ended up staying with the Portland Elders for about four days.

While I was with the Portland Elders, we went to work in Rockport for one of the days. It was crazy successful. We went and found some really cool people. We found this really cool Spanish family that is really prepared. The problem with them is that the Spanish branch is down in Corpus Christi and it’s an hour drive. These people are super poor and just live in a broken down trailer next to the condo’s that the mom cleans. She seemed super interested and accepted a baptismal date. Hopefully we figure out a way we can get them to church and/or find a way to get them to the branch in Rockport and just translate. Anyways, we ended up finding about five new people that day to teach including a former investigator that looks pretty promising.

So, I was in the apartment last Friday and I realized it was my six month mark in the mission! Can you all believe it? I can’t. I thought it was a cliche that the mission goes fast but it’s very true, it does! I can remember it like it was yesterday getting dropped off at the MTC and meeting my first comp. It’s really weird to look back and think I’ve been here that long! To say the least, it has been a great six months. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it! The blessings of a mission in my life have already been invaluable. It’s some of the greatest education that I have ever received.

This week in the branch it was our annual hot and cold social. It’s a social where we have Chili and Ice cream. Among other things like corn bread, chips, and stuff like that. It was super fun. My companion was down in Flour Bluff baptizing a former investigator of his, so I was flying solo with our ward mission leader. He is like 80 years old so it was fun having an 80 year old companion again. There were a ton of new faces there and a lot of opportunity for new people. Food always seems to bring people out for an event. My companion and I have been thinking about starting a “Meet the Mormons” movie night at the branch. It’s a super simple event where we could have popcorn, drinks and the movie. I think it would be a good event for members to invite their non-member friends out too.

This week we made a lot of progress with D’s* dad. We made a plan for him to quit smoking cigars. The plan we made is really similar to the plan we made for Jack Taylor. I really think he will be smoke free this coming Sunday. He could really use all the prayers he can get so we can get D* baptized on the 28th!

Well, I love you all so much! That’s about all for this week.


Elder Russell


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