A baptism!

Hey Family!

I hope everything is going well back in Utah. The weather is warming up here in Texas. We had a couple of days down here that were in the 80’s. It’s getting pretty warm here especially considering the humidity down here!

This weekend was super awesome. We had the opportunity to baptize James. James is the son of my recent convert Troy. He is a really good guy and the baptism really went fantastic. I had the opportunity to perform the ordinance again and it went really well. No heads were hit on railings this time so it was a success in my book! I asked James how he felt after and he said he felt really happy and at peace. There truly is no feeling like baptizing somebody that you really care about. This makes James family complete so they have a goal of getting to the temple in about a year for Troy and Wendy to get married and to be sealed as an eternal family as well.

At the start of the week, I thought we were going to have two baptisms, but it turned out that D* didn’t get baptized. His dad didn’t get worthy to be able to do the ordinance and he doesn’t want anybody else to perform it. There are some pretty deep issues going on with him so I don’t expect D* to be getting baptized for at least a year. Pretty sad he’s holding his son back from the blessings because he doesn’t want to give up bad habits. All we can do at this point is just keep teaching and hopefully he will make the change that is necessary to be able to baptize his son.

Most of the week was focused on those two as the primary investigators. Last Monday, we did find a man named Tony that is really cool. He is a former investigator that I found in the area book that we stopped by. He’s a funny dude. When we stopped by, he just happened to be out smoking, and he said “oh crap I’m not supposed to be doing this am I” and he threw his cigarette out. He accepted the message of the restoration and we should be going by his place tonight to teach the plan of salvation and set up a baptismal date. He has a son as well so the goal with them is to get the son interested in the Gospel as well.

We are kind of dwindling on solid investigators that can truly progress so we are going through kind of a growing period in our area. We are going to spend the majority of this week trying to find new people to teach and for people that are truly wanting to learn and change their lives.

I love you all so much! I hope you all have a fantastic week.


Elder Russell


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