Transfer #5

Hey Family!

Man time flies! I have already been with Elder Sanchez for a month and a half. Crazy right? We will find out today If I will be staying in Rockport or not. Chances are that I won’t because three transfers in one place is a pretty long time! If I stay one more, I will have spent 1/4 of my mission in the same place! Pretty crazy.

This week was really good. We had three investigators at church yesterday which is really good. For example, the whole zone brought six in total to church so that means our area brought half of the church attendance for the week! That’s really low numbers for a zone but It made me feel pretty good that we at least did some good. Church in total was awesome. We confirmed James a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s and were able to confirm the Aaronic priesthood on him the same day! It was also fast Sunday. He got up and bore his testimony! It was really cool. My other recent convert Reina also bore her testimony of using prayer in school. It was the best.

A pretty cool miracle happened this week. We were trying to find a less active in our branch to invite her to an event. We knocked on the door and the guy answered the door and said “I had a feeling it was you guys”. This guy is all tattooed up with two sleeved of tattoos and gauges, we asked him if his wife was the member and he told us there were no members of our church there.
We started talking about the Gospel and about the peace Jesus Christ can bring into his life and he really enjoyed the message. He invited us back to teach him again. I’ll have to send you guys a picture if I don’t get transfered of him. He’s a way cool guy.

A cool thing about Elder Sanchez is he knows a ton about cars. Back home, he street races and stuff and does Auto Cross. He always loves to talk to people down here about their cars and so it really opens them up so we can share the gospel. For example, our neighbor down the street just barely got a new Porsche 911 Turbo. Super cool looking car. Elder Sanchez immediately pulled over the car and we hopped out to talk to him. He’s a super cool guy and was shocked we didn’t immediately talk about the gospel to him. We’re slowly becoming friends with the guy. He is Buddhist I believe so It will be a little bit of a change if we start teaching him but we are hoping we can!

A couple of other cool things we did this week is our zone got zone hats custom made at lids They are way cool. They have the Corpus Christi skyline in the background and say #SMYD which stands for Show me your Discipleship. It’s kind of our theme for the transfer so they are super cool hats! I’ll send you guys pics for sure!

Well that’s about it! I hope you all have great weeks!


Elder Russell



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