Rockport Again, 7 Month Mark

Hey Family,

How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is good! I had a really fun week up in Rockport. I did another exchange in Portland this week. Our district leader and my companion love doing exchanges. He does one every week with the Portland elders. So, I have actually gotten to know the members in the Portland ward pretty well by now. This week I was with Elder Packer. He is actually related to the recently deceased Elder Packer as well (kind of a fun fact). We had a good time and found some pretty interesting people. In the exchange we were knocking some doors with a member and someone answered. He was super nice and invited us in. We got talking to him and I eventually asked him what he did for work. He said “I sell drugs.” So, we taught the newly found drug dealer the restoration and he really liked it. He accepted a baptismal date actually. We will see if he comes to church!

We are still working with a group of investigators that just has a couple of obstacles in front of them before they can get baptized. We are currently raising money for M*S* to be able to afford his divorce and get married/baptized. He is a great investigator. He comes to church every week and he even came to both sessions of Stake Conference yesterday. He even took a ton of notes! He will be a golden baptism once we get everything squared away.

We are also still trying to get D* baptized. He is a really difficult situation with his dad. He keeps on smoking even though he commits himself every time we go over to stop. I’m starting to think he doesn’t really want to stop. I don’t know how long he’s going to make his kid wait to stop his addictions. It’s a really sad home life and situation. We spent a day last Saturday doing his whole outside yard for him. It was a mess. It took me about an hour and a half to mow his small yard and he didn’t have any other power equipment so we had to edge the way overgrown lawn with shovels. Then, we worked on his house this Friday. It’s really bad. He hoards all of his stuff and every time we tell him he should throw something away he gets super mad at us. We actually made a lot of progress and you can now see most of the floor. Little by little right?

Ok best news of the entire week. J*T* (The member who we got to stop smoking) got the Melchizedek Priesthood! I’m so super proud of him. We rode with him to stake conference and I was able to participate in the circle to give him the Priesthood. He is so excited to go to the temple. Things like that in the mission really make your whole day. Conference was good in general as well. The president of our mission came down with his wife. The president of the San Antonio temple was there and Elder Frost of the seventy with his wife. I got a lot of inspiration in that meeting. It was all about faith and how we can keep the faith and increase our faith in our Savior.

Speaking of the Savior the church just made a really good video online about him! It’s at Check it out! It’s a really well made video and you can feel the spirit when you watch it.

That’s all for this week family! I hope you all have a blessed week and have a lot of fun!


Elder Russell.


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