Zone Conference and Pura Espanol

Hey Family!

I hope everyone’s week has gone well! Rockport hasn’t changed much. We had a ton of people coming in for Spring Break though. It was a madhouse on the Rockport streets. The whole Spring Break time is when Rockport makes the majority of their revenue for the city. It was weird seeing younger people in Rockport for a change.

This Thursday, we had something called Zone Conference which is a little different than just a normal Zone Meeting. For the Zone meeting, it’s just the normal missionaries in the zone, but for the conference, we had the whole mission office come up including the President and his wife. It was a lot of fun. We had some really great trainings and received a lot of revelation. We talked a lot about the decision to be obedient and the consequences of being an obedient missionary. There were a lot of good comments made and I really felt like it was a good meeting.

Other than that It was basically just same old same old in Rockport. We tried working with the members a lot this week. Getting the members involved in the work will really progress it but it’s really tough getting them excited to do it.

Sunday was really good. M*S* came to church again for about the 8th time. He really loves the church. I can’t wait till his girlfriend gets the divorce so he can finally be a member. He is a really prepared man to hear and accept the gospel. After church we went to a Carne Asada at the Arriaga family’s place. We always have a really good time with that family and It’s fun getting to see my convert Reina a lot.

This week I have been really focusing on improving my Spanish since I am still up north and don’t really get to speak a lot of Spanish except for at the Arriagas house. So, except for at the apartment, Elder Sanchez and I have been only speaking Spanish. It’s been pretty good. It’s really hard to remember sometimes because I really want to express myself but pushing yourself like that I think really expands your vocabulary.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Russell

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