Shocking Week For The Rockport Branch

Hey Family!

Hey guys I just wanted to first of all talk about my Branch President here in Rockport. Tuesday we went to his house around 6 to go to a meal appointment. We knocked and nobody answered. We tried 3 or 4 times and called and nobody answered. We kind of thought we got stood up. So, we went home and grabbed a slice of leftover pizza and didn’t really think much about it. The next day the first councilor informs us that our Branch President, has brain cancer and is getting emergency surgery. He got his surgery and it went as well as it could have. He is still in a coma and not really responding to anything that they are trying to give him to wake him up. We will be getting a new branch president here shortly. Please keep him, President Morrow, In your prayers. He needs your prayers and especially his wife.

Other than that little incident, this week has gone really well as far as missionary work. We were able to find about 14 new people to teach this week. That’s my best finding week we have had on the mission so far. We found the most out of anybody in the zone and did so well the zone leaders actually took my companion and I out to lunch to Subway.

One pretty cool story about one of our new investigators. We went over to one of our current investigators house named Tony. He was there but he happened to be busy. He walked away from the door and his 14 year old stepson came out and started talking to us. We ended up helping him with some of his chores in the backyard and gave him a lesson about the Restoration. He told us that just yesterday his Dad was talking about the church and he was wondering who the true church really was. He said we were an answer to his prayers. It was a really cool experience.

We had a pretty good Zone Meeting this week as well. We did something called District Olympics where we just played several games dealing with scriptures and Preach My Gospel. It was a lot of fun. Our district eventually won after the last game. It was an egg toss and Elder Sanchez and I had the chance to do that game.

Easter Sunday was pretty hectic because all the members were just finding out about our Branch President and wondering about the details and everything.

That’s about it for this week. I hope you all have really good weeks!


Elder Russell


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