La Conferencia General!


Wow what a week. Conference was fantastic wasn’t it? I really loved all of
the speakers this weekend and all of the inspiration and revalation I got.
For my comp and I, conference was really unique! We expected a huge number
of members to show up and everyone would be coming to the church because
everyone is so old, who would think they have BYU Tv right? Suprise
Suprise, after showing up super early at the church, setting up the
projector and chairs, nobody showed except one couple. They didn’t show up
at all on Sunday so it was just us! So, we made lemonade out of lemons,
pulled the couch out of the foyer and had our own little general conference
party. It was great actually.

A couple of thoughts on the conference. It was kind of weird right for
president Monson to only speak for like two minutes or so on each day? I
did enjoy his comments Sunday morning. He spoke about making the decision
to get eternal life. It is a decision right? When we make that decision
every decision should be made for us. We should have an outline of how our
Heavenly Father wants us to live our life. It reminds me of a quote I read
once from Brigham Young “To me it is the Kingdom of God or nothing upon the
earth.” How cool is that right? If you make the decision, you can acheive
it. We will still make mistakes and mess up, but in the end, repentance is
real and the Savior in reality sacrificed himself for us. I loved his
comments even though they were short.

Other than conference, we did a couple of really cool things this week. We
had the chance to do a FHE night with J*T*. He is really lonely
during the day and has nobody to talk to so we are his best friends. We
stopped by and he mentioned that he hadn’t had a family home evening in
over 20 years. We said “Alright lets have one!” We went out and bought some
Dairy Queen (really popular here in Texas for some reason) and went and
watched the church movie “only a stone cutter” and a couple of other small
ones from the D&C videos. We had a great time and I think we were able to
boost his spirits a little by our visit.

So we were driving home last night, past this exotic car dealership that
we always drive by to get home. (Rockport is pretty wealthy) We saw this
car out on the ramp, a GTR completley tricket out. We pulled over ASAP and
ran out. We went and looked and it was a literal built super car. It
currently holds the world record for the fastest standing mile. It clocked
in at 255.5 MPH. Crazy. By far the fastest car i’ve seen in my life. Who
knew you would see something like that in little Rockport Texas? You can
find the video of the car on youtube by searching AC Motersports GTR.
Pretty cool stuff.

In short it was a great week. Only a couple people watched conference. (At
home not with us) I’ll keep Y’all updated on if anybody really progresses. I
love you guys so much! Hope you all have a great week and bring the
conference messages into your daily lives!


Elder Russell


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