Running Super Late!

Hey Family!

Hey I’m so sorry everybody but we are running super late. I only have about 5 minutes to write in total so this will have to be super quick. This week was really good in Rockport!

We had a new investigator come to church. She is a really good friend of a member down in Aransas Pass and she just showed up! We invited her a couple of months back so that was super cool to see that she remembered.

We also found a really cool guy this week. We were walking down the street to a house that was a referral and this guy stops us. He said his name was Dave and he looked super old and dirty. He said he wanted to talk so we agreed and started to chat with him. Turns out, when he was 25, he read the Book of Mormon. He was out on a ship in the sea shrimping and he had nothing better to do so he told us he stole his friends book and read it all. He kept on wanting to talk about Moroni and the last days. He is very interesting to say the least. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Another story this week is we were coming from a meal appointment this week and I was stuffed. I couldn’t fit another bite for sure. But, we were walking by a house when we saw a Mexican family grilling. We said hi and they invited us to eat! So, we ate some more. That’s basically the story of my life right now. We get fed too much. And they turned out to be pretty cool. We are going to start teaching them.

That’s about all I have time for!

Love you all!

Elder Russell

IMG_2867 IMG_2859 IMG_2851 IMG_2831 IMG_2830


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