Nos Vemos, Rockport

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone! So, transfer’s have come once again and it looks like I will be headed out this time. I’ll be heading out to who knows where in the mission this Wednesday. It will be super weird leaving the area after a straight six months of being here in Rockport. It has definitely been my favorite area. (only out of two.) I have gotten super close to a lot of the members so It will be really hard saying goodbye to everyone. It will be a good experience moving on though! I am really excited for the new adventure. I will update you guys next week with all of the new people I met and my new companion and such. Elder Sanchez is staying in Rockport. It’s in really good hands!

This week we met a couple of really cool people that I bet will get baptized this next transfer by Elder Sanchez. One only speaks Spanish and she came from Honduras. Her name is Julissa. She is SOOO cool. She had been taking the discussions with some missionaries down in Honduras before and she was super excited to see us! We gave her a Spanish book of Mormon and she already read and asked what else she could read. Awesome person. She has a very strong desire to learn more and I would bet she will want to get baptized.

D* didn’t show up to church. Kind of disappointing. He still has massive potential because he already read the whole Book of Mormon and all.

Once again, D* baptism fell through. His dad messed up. Again. It’s really really frustrating when you see a parent messing up and not seeing this awesome person baptized. It especially sad because I worked with them the whole six months I was here. His new baptismal date is two weeks from last Sunday. Please still pray for D’s* dad and pray that Heavenly Father give’s him the strength necessary to quit.

I want to bear my testimony really quickly about the Spirit. I have really come to recognize a lot of what the Spirit is and how it speaks to us on my mission. It’s amazing. He really is the guide that leads us on the straight and narrow path. He puts the missionaries where they need to be at the exact time they need to be there. It amazes me every time on the timing of the Spirit. I’m trying to get better and better at recognizing these promptings and trying to follow them more precisely.

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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