Laredo, Elder Holland, and Rio Bravo

Hey Family!

Alright folks this has been the best week of my mission thus far. No kidding! Super cool. (Beside’s the days I’ve baptized, those are technically the best.) So as you can see by the subject, I got moved back to my Greenie zone of South Laredo. I’m so beyond excited to be back. A bit of a culture shock right after you get used to all of the white folks. It’s like a sea of brown. Literally Laredo is not South Texas, It’s North Mexico. So, I will be able to practice a ton of Spanish. And some other good news is I’m definitely the tallest person in all of Laredo. My new companions name is Elder Moss. He is from Portland, Oregon and is a super cool guy! We have a ton of fun and will have a ton of success.

So, my last area was in Larga Vista, in the heart of Laredo. My new area is called, Rio Bravo. It’s in the city of Rio Bravo about 15 minutes outside of the main city of Laredo. Our apartment is about three minutes driving from the river. Yes, the river that all the Mexican’s cross. It’s like the coolest thing. My companion and I have already been down there a couple of times. (It’s not against the rules anymore with our President BTW) Anyways, I’m already loving the members down here. It’s also great even though I’m in a different branch, I still get to see all of the people that I used to know from my old branch!

Cool experience for Y’all today. We were out tracting and contacting some referrals when we saw a potential investigator that Elder Moss met earlier. We went and saw her and she was super super mad. She just walked away in a huff and her husband came storming out after her! She kind of walked off with their kid to take a walk and so we naturally just talked with the husband. He immediately invited us in and gave us some water. He introduced himself as Juan and we had the restoration lesson with him. He loved it! Super humble guy. We invited him to baptism, he accepted. He told us that he has been feeling very sick. I ended up being able to give him a blessing. It was an awesome lesson, and spiritual experience for all of us.

OK, last but not least. Elder Holland. You know, one of the Prophets, seers and revelators? Yeah, he was in McAllen Texas. We went and saw him. What a spiritual experience. He is really good friends with our Mission President so he came by and talked to us for an hour. Really good guy. Oh yeah and you know how an apostle can interview you with a handshake? He shook everyone’s hand, it was a crazy experience. I loved it! He had so many great comments. One of the great things he shared was how we should be striving for the Spirit. He said, “Since we don’t have Jesus Christ here on the earth, shouldn’t we be constantly seeking for something just as good? The Spirit! He is a part of the Godhead and is himself a God.”

I love you all so much! Have fantastic week’s and stay strong in the Faith of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Elder Russell


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