Raspas, Skype, and A cool new investigator.

Hey Family!

Man what an awesome week! The mission is the best. I am having such a good time being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I never expected it to be as good as it is. This week we had Skype! It was fantastic getting to talk to most of you guys! I love you all so much and It was great hearing the sounds of your voices and laughs and seeing the house was a good refresher.

OK cool miracles/tender mercy/fantastic moment of the week. We were blitzing an area called Abunduncia this week which means the whole zone was working in one area trying to find new people. Elder Stewart and I were working in one part of an area and were just coming off a trail when we saw a Raspa truck. (A Raspa is a Mexican snow cone with real fruit in it.) It came around the corner and we decided we wanted to take a picture of it to send home. So, we waved the guy down and he instantly looked excited to see us. We parked our bikes and started walking over when from out of the window he starts waving a Book of Mormon frantically out of the window. What the heck right? We went over to him and he told us his girlfriend in Mexico was taking the discussions! She told him it’s a good book and so he decided to read it! I asked him (in Spanish) where he was. He said Alma 20! He is like halfway through the whole Book of Mormon without ever personally meeting a missionary. We talked to him for a while, got free Raspas (my favorite part) and set a return appointment for the other Elders (I wish he was our investigator!) They went the next day and set a baptismal date and he should go down in about a month.

We also went to the local community college this week and set up a booth! We got a big Book of Mormon costume that we will be using there. It turned out really successful and we got a lot of potential. We handed out about 10 Books of Mormon and got about 15 return appointments in a couple of hours. There weren’t that many people there either so I think it turned out pretty successful!

OK one more little story about a cool investigator of our own. Her name is Irma Esqueda. She’s super cool. We knocked her door and her little kid opened the door. She was on the couch and shouted out of the door “Not interested! Jehova’s witness right?” We responded no of course and she asked “well your the other ones right? Those Mormons?” Yes we are! “Don’t you all have 7 wives?” No! Anyways that got her started and we got to have a really good discussion about repentance with her. She’s super interested, wanted to get baptized, and she came to church Sunday! Things are starting to look up in Rio Bravo. I just got the word that our specific area hasn’t baptized for a whole year. Hopefully we can break that streak!

Love you so much family! I hope you all have wonderful weeks and remember I always keep Y’all in my prayers!


Elder Russell


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