Working hard

Hey Family!

I hope you all had a great week. It was a really average week out here in the field. Nothing too crazy happened. We worked really hard and still didn’t get anybody to church this week. Irma, who came last week, ended up not being able to make it. She is still really solid and should be getting baptized next month. We taught her about the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom yesterday. She had a few really interesting (weird) questions for us about both of them. She ended up agreeing to live them both.

This week I went on an exchange with Elder Prietto. Both our companions were in McAllen for training’s because they are both leaders in the mission. We had a lot of fun. It’s hard hitting your goals though when you have to work two areas! We worked really hard and found a few cool people in each area.

Last P-Day was really great. We went and played Soccer at Slaughter Park (Weird name for a park right?) and played. It was like 100 degrees outside. After you play for like 20 minutes, your absolutely drenched in sweat and a hot water bottle tastes like the fanciest/best thing you have ever tasted in your life. This week the Zone Leaders I think planned a water balloon fight at that same park so that should be really fun.

Way cool spiritual experience with a less active this week! 6 Months ago, I was in this area in an exchange and taught this Less active guy names Ellie Seo. He is a really cool guy and we got him to church. I asked Elder Moss about him and he went LA again. I asked if we could go see him and E. Moss told me they haven’t made contact ever since he has been here. We went anyways and knocked on his door with another member Diego, another return missionary. We knocked and he answered! He looked excited to see me which was weird because he only met me once 6 months ago. We talked and found out he got fired Thursday and he was having doubts about the Book of Mormon. He was talking about the book of Revelations and how it says that nobody should add on to this book. I had studies a lot about that and explained and were able to clear his doubt and help him talk about his job problems. I feel like we blessed his life so much. He even said the closing prayer and thanked God for the missionaries and for sending them at the exact moment he needed us. Cool experience.

That’s about it for this week! Not too much to report on. Love all of you guys so much! Hope you all have good weeks.


Elder Russell


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