Suprise blessing in McAllen

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’m so late emailing today! The library is closing so I have to write super quick and try to get you guys all the info.

So today was an awesome P-Day. Elder Moss told us yesterday that President Maluenda wanted to do something super special before the end of his time here so he ended up bringing all of us down to McAllen to get blessings! It’s been kept super secret until today when it was Laredo South’s turn. It went super well! I felt like it was a lot of my patriarchal blessing over again. It was awesome getting a lot of insights from President though. He is a great leader and I will really miss his leadership and his ability to love the missionaries here in McAllen. There’s a couple of things I really picked out of the blessing that I think the Lord wants me to work on to be a better servant of him. I want to work really hard to be the person the Lord really wants me to be.

OK. Another bummer week. We found out one of our investigators husband is a transvestite and we walked in on the dude in full girl clothes and makeup, nails painted and all! It was so shocking. I think I* was super embarrassed or something so she didn’t show up to church. Bummer. She had told us they were going through the divorce process because of this problem but I think it really embarrassed her still so we need to go by and apologize or try to see what happened this week!

We have a lot of work to do to get our area moving. I really see why this area hasn’t had a baptism in a year. We need to work super hard and be really obedient to be worthy of the miracles that need to happen here.
We have another fantastic investigator named Evelyn that we called at 9 to remind her about church and she said she was getting ready and was good to go and when 11 came around she never showed up. We will go by and see what happened this week and I will keep you all updated.

Sorry for the really short email today! Love you all and I hope that you all have a great week!

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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