Transfer 7 (Almost 10 Months)

Hey Family!

I apologize for not writing everybody back last week! It was crazy taking the early morning trip down to McAllen and getting the blessing from President and coming back. We got back to the library with only 30 minutes to write and I did all I could!

Transfers have come again and I get to stay in Rio. I’m super excited to get to do another transfer here. I love the area and the people and I know we can make stuff happen here. The people in Laredo are so nice we just need to find a way to get people to act and keep their commitments a little bit more than they are now. I will be with Elder Moss one more transfer. I’m super excited to learn some more from him. We have the faith that we can definitely baptize in this area. The slump will end with us!

I forgot to mention the other week that some sisters in our district had a baptism and Elder Moss and I were each able to perform one of the ordinances. It was awesome getting to baptize this little girl. She was super cool and you could definitely see the Spirit of God very strong with this girl. I’ll try to send some pictures if the members have any to you guys!

We had a super cool miracle this week. On Sunday, after we had just eaten with the sisters in our district, I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. We didn’t really want to go to a gas station especially on a Sunday because that would have looked weird. We decided to go to a nearby less active and knock. He answered and he let us in. I used the bathroom and we started chatting and his less active sister also walked in. They were both super cool. We had a really good discussion on church and why we go each week. I felt impressed to talk about the priesthood for most of the time. It turns out that the less active member’s daughter is about to turn 8. We set a really good goal with him to get worthy to baptize his daughter. His sister, who walked in kind of broke down and told us she had been feeling weak lately and we asked her if she wanted a blessing. She said yes and we gave her one. So cool! God really does guide his servants where he needs them through weird ways and different ways to achieve his work. I felt we were really able to bless that family and now the sister who lives in North Laredo is going to get her daughter finally baptized who is now 10.

The finding here is going pretty well. We found 8 this week and some seem pretty cool. We will see what happens with most of them!

I’m super excited for this next transfer to see what we can do!

I love you all so much and I hope you all have fantastic weeks and stay strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Elder Russell


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