10 Month Mark

Dear Family,

Can you believe it has been 10 months since I have left? My first zone leader came back to Laredo yesterday to visit and we were just talking about how crazy it is that I have been out that long. It seems like I’m still in my first couple months. I heard after you get past your year mark it even goes faster.

I LOVE LAREDOOOO. I’m having so much dang fun here in this zone and place. You literally get all the benefits of being in America but you get all the good things about Mexico! (The people, food, ect ect) We are blowing up the area right now. It feels so good to finally feel like we are about to have success. It’s been a while since I’ve had some baptisms and it seems like some are right around the corner. A few tender mercies this week that I have for you all!

First one: We were at the library around Thursday for mormon.org. (A time where we get to watch videos, catch up on church news, prepare talks ect.) We walked out after the time was up and lo and behold, there was Juan. One of the coolest guys/investigators I have ever had. I almost cried it was so cool to see him again! He told us he lost contact with the missionaries because his wife and him split so he moved. We got his new address and it is ONE street away from being in our area. That made me super bummed but the sisters will definitely baptize him eventually.

Second: We have been talking a ton with our investigator Frank who got baptized two years ago but never got confirmed. When my first zone leader came down he told me who he came down with and I realized that the Elder that baptized him two years ago was with him! He is coming down Tuesday and we are going to talk with Frank. Super cool and definitely not a coincidence! He said he wasn’t really planning on visiting Laredo but he’s coming down this week so we’re going to try to make stuff happen!

People are progressing and the Lord is going to make stuff happen! I want to quickly testify that I know Jesus is the Christ. I know that I am doing God’s work in his vineyard. I know that we have the only full and completely restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the whole earth. Lastly I know, My brother and Savior Jesus Christ has atoned for everything we have done and yet will do wrong. Through Him, I testify that we have a chance to return to Him one day and live forever in complete Joy and Happiness.

Love you all,

Elder Russell


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