Finally Seeing The Fruit in Rio

Hey Family!

I hope all of you had great weeks! My week in Rio Bravo was absolutely great. We are finally seeing the fruit of all of our labors here in this area.

This week, we had the great miracle of having 5 people at church. That is the most investigators I have ever had at church at once! Average for a companionship is about 1 or 2 which is what we have been getting this far at church. This week though, we had a family of 3 come to church. They are a part member family from a member in the English branch. The member is a recent convert and he is golden. He is on fire with doing missionary work. I don’t doubt that we will be baptizing his family in about 3 to 4 weeks. Super cool people that have great desires to follow Christ.

The 4th guy at church is named Frank. Frank got baptized two years ago and never came back for his confirmation! He got super busy and figured it wasn’t important. Missionaries since then have been working super hard to get him there. Elder Moss and I only went once and he came! It was awesome. About two more weeks or so at church and we will baptize him again, and then confirm him! He just graduated from High school so he isn’t as busy as before. We need to have a really good discussion with him about the importance of church and activity though. He has really changed and now see’s the importance of the ordinance of Baptism and wants to go for round two!

The fifth investigator we haven’t met a ton but we know his fellowship-er/girlfriend really well. She isn’t too active and he has a really difficult addiction to work through before any baptism is going to happen. They also live together so that is going to be really difficult. Please send some prayers their way though because we really need for a marriage to happen here to be able to baptize him. He really wants to change but can’t seem to get over the addiction!

So, I have taught some interesting people on my Mission. Including a drug dealer, stripper, and now to add to that list a transvestite. It turns out our investigator I*’s husband is a man that really wants to be a woman. We stopped by and he invited us in and we had a pretty good lesson with him. So, we didn’t really know what to do about that situation but as it turns out, I* and he were talking and he said that if Irma got baptized he would leave her. She said “ok then, better start packing!” She is in Dallas right now with some step kids and she is reading the Book of Mormon every day. She is super solid and I am excited to baptize her soon!

That’s about it for this week. Things really do work out if you keep on enduring and working hard! The Lord constantly is extending blessings to his children we just need to be worthy enough to receive them!


Elder Russell


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