Laredo Heat

Hey Family!

I hope everyone had a super good week in Utah!

Wow what a hot hot week in Laredo. One of the days we hit 108 plus the humidity. Definitely never felt this kind of heat in Utah! But, on the bright side, we did have another super good week. We found a super cool family (didn’t come to church unfortunatley) and we had three people in church. We’re definitely close to seeing some miracles in our area and I can’t wait!

A couple of updates on our investigators. First is R*. He is my favorite for sure! He is so cool. This was his third week in a row coming to church. He just needs to get married with his girlfriend though so that’s definitely a hard issue to overcome. His girlfriend who is already a member isn’t too sure she is ready for that commitment (even though they have two kids already, crazy right?) I can already see his whole countenance change from when we first met him. He wants to be baptized super bad and I know it would bless his life so much. If you guys could please pray for a miracle with R* that would be super nice.
Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament. It went pretty well I think. It was my first talk in all Spanish so that was pretty good. At one point, the words just wouldn’t come out in Spanish so I used a little bit of Tex Mex and got my point across. Other than that my Spanish was good. Sister Guzman in our district is from Mexico and she said my Spanish was good. I can testify that the Lord truly does fill our mouths when we testify of him and His gospel. The gift of tongues is definitely something I have learned is real from my mission.

Nothing else too big! I hope you all had great weeks and have a really good time in Puerto Rico! I love you all so so much and pray for you all every day!


Elder Russell


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