The end for President Maluenda

Hey Family!

Today, we get a new mission president. His name is President Torres Caballero. I’m super excited to get a new president but at the same time I will miss President Maluenda a ton. He is a great president and truly loved his missionaries. I loved him a lot and I’m sure we will all see him in a general conference or something like that soon!

Well we are offically moving out of Rio Bravo today. Since we have a small part of Laredo, most of our investigators and things we do are in Laredo, so the mission office figured we should move so we are! We move today basically right after we’re done emailing. Moving is so stressful. There is a ton of stuff we had to clean up from all the missionaries over the years. Crazy. We got it done though and moving the stuff to the new apartment shouldn’t be too bad I hope.

Didn’t have much of anything crazy happen this week. We didn’t have anybody at church for the first time in 5 weeks so that was a little bit of a bummer. We do still have a ton of potential in the area and good things are definitely still coming. One of our main focuses right now is R*. Him and his girlfriend still need to get married though! We have been having a ton of contact with them and super good spiritual lessons. He still really wants to get baptized but he needs a little bit more prep he feels before he makes the step he feels like.

Tender Mercy this week. There is a young woman in our ward that we pretty frequently work with. We have been talking to her about a mission for some time now. She came up to us Sunday and told us she put her papers in! On her papers she put us as her motivation for going on a mission. I think that’s the coolest compliment I have ever received in my life. She will touch so many lives and I am so grateful for her decision to serve her Savior.

Still working with a lot of families and working hard in the area. Weeks like this I kind of reflect on the Mormon Message “Good things to Come” By Elder Holland. He is a great speaker and I really enjoy the message of hope and perseverance. I know that Jesus Christ is the Lord of this Vineyard and will bless his servants. We just have to keep on working harder to be worthy of those miracles that he has in store for us.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!


Elder Russell


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