New President and Interviews

Hey Family!

It sounds like you all had some fantastic weeks! All the vacations and stuff are fun, but I know for sure that serving Jesus Christ and being his disciple for these two special years is of eternal significance and importance to so many people.

We only had one person at church this week but that’s OK because Rene came again! That’s his fourth time coming to church which makes him available for Baptism! Super Super excited. He needs to get married first so hopefully we can set something small this weekend and seal the deal. His real goal is to get to the Temple. He loves the idea of being sealed with his girlfriend and children for eternity. He really does have a fantastic vision for his life and really knows and understands how the Gospel will bless him and his family. Pray that we can have a wedding/baptism this week or the next!

We had interviews this week with my new Mission President and it was so cool. He is going to change this mission for the better in a ton of ways. He is definitely a chosen servant of our Savior. His spirit and confidence in the Savior is amazing. He only speaks Spanish so he is working on his English right now. He served in Guatemala like Ty so that was kind of cool to hear. He baptized a lot. He has a vision of this mission one day baptizing three too four hundred per month. Those are some great goals and I would be happy if we could even hit half of that. He is definitely raising the vision of the mission and has definitely inspired me to serve even better.

Not too much more to report this week. Keep on being amazing family members and friends and I thank you all for your continual support and E-mails each week. It truly is a tender mercy!

I love you all so much.


Elder Russell


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