11 month mark!

Hey Family!

The mission is going quick folks. I have 11 months under my belt and it literally seems like I just got here. Crazy to think In a month I will have been in Texas for one year. I have definitely loved my mission so far and I feel so blessed for the magnificent opportunity I have to be serving where I am. I really know that God has a plan for us and sends us where we need to be to effect certain peoples lives.

This week has been really good. We had a couple of people in church again. We had R* and Kevin at church this week. Kevin is a friend of a member and is about 17 years old. He is a really cool kid and really wants to get baptized now which is really cool. He is friends with a member family that is more or less active so this will really hopefully reactivate this family in the process. That’s the goal anyways!

R* came to church again for his fifth time in a row. He is the coolest guy ever. So before people get baptized here, they go through an interview to see if they are worthy and willing to follow the commandments after baptism and to check knowledge. We found out through the interview he is actually on probation for something that happened a year ago. But, as it turns out, he gets off Tuesday! That means as soon as he gets married he will be eligible for Baptism! He is starting to be really good friends with some members in the branch and we are getting him some really good fellowship. His main drive still is to get married in the Temple.

We also found a ton of good people this week. We are trying to set this area up to get about two baptisms a month. Since this week, this branch had NEVER had a branch mission plan. So, Elder Moss and I made one! The president loved it and wants to get it framed or something in his office.

Another good thing that happened this week is we started an MTC for the members here! We want to get the member missionary work going here really well so we had a whole hour and half class on how to start talking to their friends about the church! It went really well and everyone had a really fun time.

That’s it for this week! Thank you all for your continual support and Love!


Elder Russell


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