Elder Taylor, And The Area Doubles

Hey Family!

Way excited for a new transfer here in Laredo Texas. We are about to start the hottest days of the year and I’m really excited. They call it down here La Clanicula. It’s the hottest month of the summer and apparently it already started. I have a lot of good day’s on the bike ahead of me it sounds like!

This week started off really good. Elder Tayor came in Tuesday. We found out the old Elders that were living with us got moved out as well and they shut down the area. That means that we absorbed all the area of those elders and their investigators. So, we have plenty of people to work with and a ton of potential. Elder Taylor has a ton of fire to baptize as well and so that’s definitely our focus for the transfer is baptize as much as possible. We have a ton of prepared people here that are ready to hear the good news.

I’ll tell you guys the little bit I know about Elder Taylor! He is great. He has a ton of energy and happiness and likes to work hard as well. He is from Riverton Utah, (we’re neighbors basically) and he liked to play instruments and computer programming in high school. He came in a transfer before me and so we are pretty much the same age in the mission.

Ok so, We got a new investigator named Yocelyn that’s also a permigator. That just means a permanent investigator. She hasn’t gotten baptized because she was scared of the water. Elder Taylor and I visited her about every day this week and set a baptismal date for Sunday! We were all set, had the program made, the font filled, I was about to go put my baptism clothes on and then Yocelyn got cold feet and told us her aunt has been telling her she doesn’t need to get baptized because she got baptized Catholic and for a 9 year old girl, it confused her really bad in what she should be doing. So, to make a long story short, she didn’t get baptized 😦 I was really really disappointed. Hopefully we can get her down sometime this week. We plan to work a ton with her.

Good things are definitely on the way for the area of Rio Bravo. We are about to really blow up as an area and I’m super excited to be a apart of it. We have a lot of potential and we just need some miracles to happen to get some people to make some commitments to the Lord.

I love you all so much! I’m praying for you all every day and love you. Have a good week!


Elder Russell


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