Working Hard to See the Miracles

Hey Family!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week in Laredo went super well. We worked super hard and it definitely paid off! We had four people in church this week and have some really golden progressing investigators. Hopefully we can help people make some covenants next week!

Yoselin the nine year old girl that I told you guys came to church again. She is still a little scared of Baptism. We are trying to dig really deep and find her main doubt about the gospel still. I know she will get baptized it’s just when! She comes to church every week and loves Christ. We are just trying to overcome some battles she has with social anxiety and really talking to us.

Frank finally came to church again! We finally just told him on a lesson Friday that committing himself to church wasn’t enough and we thought we needed to make a commitment with Heavenly Father, so in the lesson, we challenged him to pray right there and commit to God that he would not miss church and start coming every week. He said ok and gave a beautiful prayer. He is super committed and ready to start coming back. He has the goal of getting baptized this weekend. He lives all the way out in El Cenizo which is about a 30 minute ride from the YSA where he goes so we’re trying to overcome a few obstacles with that.

I was scanning through our branch records this week and noticed that an active member family had a child that was 17 and not baptized. We went over and checked it out and it turns out the family doesn’t have any record of her getting baptized either. We will probably be baptizing her this Sunday. We taught her (Jessica) about everything and she has been going to church for the majority of her life so she will be a great convert right?

We are still working with R* and he came to church again. At this point he is a dry Mormon because he comes every week and lives all the laws, except for the getting married to his girlfriend part. We are working super hard on that still and hopefully we can have a wedding pretty soon here.

Other than that the work is going excellent. I’m loving my mission. The time is absolutely flying by and I am enjoying my time out here a ton. God has his hand in our lives every single day guys. He is a wonderful Father and loves us more than we can imagine. I think one thing my mission has done for me is really instilling the principal that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is constantly watching over His children.

I love you all and hope you have great weeks!


Elder Russell


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