Border Crossing

Hey Family!

So, first of all I had a super cool experience this week when I was down in Rio Bravo. Elder Taylor hadn’t seen the River yet so I took him down when we had 5 minutes to kill before an appointment. We were down there talking to a fisherman. I look across the river and bam a boat plops out from out of the trees and flops down on the river from the Mexican side. 8 people take a dive into the boat and another guy jumped into the water and started pulling them all across! It was crazy. I whipped out my camera and the fisherman said “Put that away! If they catch you doing that they will come and question you.” I didn’t really want an interrogation from Border Patrol so I put it away.. Anyways, I put it away and we watched. It was such a cool experience. Later we heard the border patrol dogs barking like crazy going through the neighborhoods trying to find the people.

This week was a little disappointing on Sunday. Both of the baptisms fell through for a couple of reasons. But, we are going to work super hard at preparing people that didn’t get baptized to come this week and do it!

This week we found the NICEST guy I have ever talked to in my life. We went over to one of our investigators house B* to just find him super drunk. It was so sad. He gave up alcohol for about a week and then relapsed. But, the good part was in his drunkenness invited us in to talk to a friend. He just crossed the border 1 week ago and his name is Martin. He is soooo cool. He came to church the next day and wants to get baptized! He wants to try to cross the second checkpoint and find work in Florida so hopefully that doesn’t happen before.

That’s just about all the really exciting things for this week I just wanted to tell you all I love you! The Church is true!


Elder Russell



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