Hump Day?

Hey Family!

Well, It seems like I’m hitting my hump day this week on Friday. That’s. So. Weird. The time is flying by super quick. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m almost half way done with my mission. It’s super weird to even think that i’m almost halfway done. I love the mission a ton and feel so blessed to go to the Texas McAllen mission. I love the people here so much and love all the things I have learned out here on my mission.

We had a really good week in reference to the work. We talked with out Branch President and we have a baptism set up for next week with a part member family. Her name is Jessica and we got her Dad all clear to baptize her this coming week. We are beyond excited for her and her family to finally be complete. She has a ton of potential in the church and I’m sure will do really great things.

So we went over to Martin on Sunday morning before church to just make for sure he was still in Florida, and as it turns out, his ride never picked him up! That’s super great right? Kind of sad but that means he still gets to take lessons! He said of course he wants to come to church and so we called a member and got him a ride. He is learning a lot and loved his second week of church in a row. Hopefully his ride doesn’t pick him up for a couple more weeks and then we can fully convert this guy! He is definitively one of my favorite investigators from my mission. The goal this week for him is to send his family a Book Of Mormon in Mexico and to get some missionaries sent over so we can get the whole family one way or another.

Next, we found a super cool guy named Luis on Friday. We taught a really powerful restoration lesson and he loved it. He commited to church and when sunday came, we texted him to see if he needed a ride and he said “I forgot to tell you guys I was going to Austin.” We told him to search on google for an LDS church building nearby and he did! He went to church and said he learned a ton. This is a the lame part. He actually moved to Austin. He is going there first and then Florida and then Utah for various jobs. We will keep texting him and when he gets to Utah maybe you all can bring him to church for us? That would be cool. He says he’s coming back in November.

That’s about it for this week. Nothing else super crazy really happened. I just wanted to tell you all I love you so much for the support over this past year with all of the emails and packages and all the other support you guys send. It means a ton!


Elder Russell


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