Interviews, Baptism, And Rain!

Dear Family,

How’s it going everybody? I hope everyone’s week’s went fantastic. Elder Taylor and I’s week went really well.

First things first. We had a baptism this week! Her name is Jessica Cabello and she is so cool. Elder Taylor and I each gave a talk in her baptism and she was crying because the Spirit was super strong in the meeting. Her dad had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing her and the ordinance went absolutely flawless. We are super excited for her and we know she will make a great convert to the church. The biggest thing we are excited about is that with this baptism, it completes their whole family.

Just before the baptism, it started raining. It was pretty cool. It seems like a miracle getting any rain whatsoever down here in South Texas. Especially in Laredo. We got soaking wet before the baptism in our suit pants before the baptism trying to find people so It was definitely a memorable day!

President came down for interviews and a district conference this week. He is such a powerhouse leader. He has 16 videos he is featured in because of the work he did down in Honduras and he basically led the country to get the temple they currently have down there. If you search Jose Torres in, a couple of videos will pop up with him and his family doing family history work. He is super inspired and every time I hear him talk I feel way inspired to be a better disciple of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. My interview went really well and so did the district conference! He has a goal for this district to become a stake so they can put a temple down in McAllen. He want’s to make this one district two stakes during his mission. He thinks it has the potential. I think we can do it.

We found a couple of people this week. We are teaching a mother of a member that doesn’t have too much longer to live. She has never gone to church in her life before this so It’s really cool being able to teach her everything. She is accepting all that we are teaching her. The goal is to possibly do it this week or the week after that. I’m really hoping I get to see it! We also found the boyfriend of Jessica (The girl we just baptized) and he is really interested in learning more after he saw her baptism.

That’s about it for this week!

Love you guys a ton and hope that all of your weeks go great!

Mucho Amor,

Elder Russell


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