Transfer 9

Hey Family!

It has been a great week here in Laredo. We just got transfers in yesterday and It turns out I’m staying here in Laredo again! At the end of this transfer that will make it six months here in Laredo.

A ton of Elders are coming into the mission this transfer and we are getting two more into our apartment! It will be pretty fun being in a four man apartment again because I haven’t done that since the first six weeks of my mission. The other two Elders will be taking half the area that we absorbed about a month and a half ago. That means our area is getting cut down by about 2/3 which automatically takes out about four of our progressing investigators. Kind of a bummer but It will be nice having a more concentrated area to work really hard in.

We had Blanca come to church again and she is awesome. She is really prepared for baptism and the other Elders shouldn’t have any problem getting her baptized this coming Sunday. Also, our miracle investigator, Martin, went to Florida. He wants to go to make about 30 dollars more a day for his family in Mexico. We set him up to find the Elders over there. We love him a ton and know he will definitely go get baptized in Florida. Last time we were in contact with him he was in San Antonio so he definitely got over the second checkpoint. We also sent the missionaries down in Mexico to go find his family so hopefully all goes well on that end!

Elder Taylor and I have really high goals for this next transfer and a lot of our potentials were lost which makes us super excited to go find more people. I love Laredo a lot and God has definitely prepared these people to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all a ton!


Elder Russell



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