Growing Pains

Hey Family!

Well, It was definitely one of those weeks. We struggled a little. The part of the area that we were split from had most of our investigators with the exception of a couple. We are working really hard to find new people but we didn’t find too many potentials this week. We have a lot of plans on how we are going to start finding in our area and getting the members involved a lot with the work.

Miracle this week! Two of my former investigators up in Rockport were just baptized. I’m super happy. That makes three people that I taught in Rockport that got Baptized after I left. It’s really cool to see that you had a hand in someones baptism even though you weren’t there for it. Their names were Sugar and Robin and they lived right close to some members up in a trailer park. They LOVE Jesus Christ. The first time I met Sigar, we helped her move out of her house into her new one and she was wearing a Jesus shirt. How much more prepared can you get right?

Monday we went over and showed the new Elder’s who live with us around their new area. (Elder Alonso and Roedel) I love these guys. They are the best. It’s kind of sad I will be leaving this area behind but It will be left in good good hands. They have plans to baptize Blanca and Eva in these next couple of weeks 🙂 I’m super excited and I can’t wait.

On another note, four man apartments are weird! I haven’t been in a permanent four man since my first transfer in the mission. They are sooo much fun. The thing is that they get dirty REALLY easily. We had a good time cleaning today for a good hour before we went digging for ties.

Well, Elder Taylor kind of had an accident in the truck! We were doing a little bit of offloading through a “shortcut” that Elder Moss and I found. He was going through the gate and he didn’t want to go through the mud (not sure why we drive a truck) and he ended up scraping the side. We will be out of a truck for a couple of days this coming week. I’ll have some fun bike stories now I guess!

Have a great week everyone! I love you guys so much!

Much Love,

Elder Russell


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