Finding a lot, and eating a lot.

Hey Family.

What a great week! We had a ton of fun with the blank slate of investigators that we had! Elder Taylor and I have been going really hard trying to find new people to teach the great gospel of Jesus Christ to. We had some success!

First of all funny story. Elder Taylor and I were riding our bikes through a neighborhood looking for a house number that the sisters gave us for a referral. Saw them outside by their pool (which is weird because almost nobody has pools down here) and they were having a carne asada BBQ. They offered for us to join them immediately and we did! I saw something on the plate of meat that looked interesting and they told me it was pig tail! I was kind of skeptical but I decided to be brave and I ate it! It was super good. I would recommend it.

Second kind of funny eating story. We were at a restaurant with some members and they brought out all of the tortillas and the meat. I started eating and at the bottom were some circular round shape pieces of meat. I asked the member what type of meat is that? He kind of looked down and I was embarrassed because I thought he didn’t understand my Spanish. So I looked down and ate it and it was really really good. He looked up and started laughing. I asked him what was funny and he said “Now that you have eaten, I can tell you that was the testicle of a bull.” So, we ate bull testicles that day and they were pretty good. I would also recommend them.

We have a member currently that is bringing her non member friend to church for the last couple of weeks. We have plans to go teach the family today and try to get the whole family going to church and get baptized.

We have been finding a ton of potentials and yes the “Field is white, already to harvest”. I have a huge testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and this work. He is the head of this church and His work will go on. I love the mission field and truly am having the best time of my life. My life is forever changed by the experiences I am having in the field.

Time to go work! Love you all and hope you all have the greatest weeks!

Con Mucho love, (Yes, I know that’s Tex Mex 🙂 )

Elder Russell


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