Great Week!

Hey Family!

What a good week! Elder Taylor and I are still on the hunt for new people to teach. We had two brand new people in church this week. Josh and Juan.

We found Josh while going to another lesson. To be honest, I didn’t expect him to be interested. He has half his head shaved into a cool ponytail looking thing and he has a lot of tattoos. We went up to him and offered him a card of Christ. We struck up a conversation and obviously I asked about all his tattoos. 🙂 He was super nice and gave us some water. He then told us his mom has been taking lessons just across town and is preparing for baptism. We were both shocked and we both knew the mom. He said he would love to come to church and check it out. He came and man, heads definitely turned when he walked in. It was awesome but definitely a bit awkward. He stayed for the second hour as well and it just so happened that the “Gospel Principals” class was about the gathering of the Twelve tribes of Israel. That was a crazy first lesson for your first week in Church!

Juan is a friend of a recent convert. We haven’t actually made contact with him yet but I’m sure he’s super awesome and want’s to get baptized soon right?

Pretty cool experience with a blessing this past week. We have a less active lady in the branch that was just diagnosed with cancer. She was super worried about her operation and how she would do. She finally reached out to us when before she had no interest in the church. She asked for a blessing and of course we went right over. We had a good lesson and gave the blessing. Her operation went as good as possible. It was supposed to take 5 hours but they did it in 3. Shes recovering really quickly. We stopped by and she attributes it all to the blessing. She has a daughter that was also less active. Because of this experience, her daughter, who has an 8 year old, wants her daughter to be baptized.

Still working super hard! Laredo has so many prepared people to hear the gospel it’s really amazing. I’m so blessed to be in this area of the world and in the best mission in the world as well!

I love you all! Have great weeks!


Elder Russell


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