Birthday week, Zone Conference, And A’lot of Church

Hey Family!

What a week! This week seriously has been so much fun. It’s been such a blessing getting all of those packages. It definitely makes your whole week when you get a package in the field. My
Birthday on Tuesday was so great! The Sisters in our district were so cool! They called us at like 5 AM to sing me “Happy Birthday” and they threw me a little surprise party after district meeting. They had me go do something to distract me and when I got back they had all kinds of decorations and a huge cake! Here in Mexican culture, you do something called, “Morida” which is someone comes up with the cake and smashes it in your face. Yep. Kind of weird right? It’s surprisingly pretty fun to do. After that we went to Panda Express and had a lunch. It was seriously one of the coolest things being able to serve the Lord on my birthday. There is nothing else in the world that I would have wanted to be doing.

That night, We went over to the Perez house. They had us doing some service cutting there “lawn”. Lawns are super weird down here. For us people from Utah, they kind of look like weeds. But, after that she invited us in and surprised me with a cake and a gift! It was so cool. She bought me three ties and got a Tres Leches cake specially made for me. Members are the coolest down here.

We started teaching someone named Margarita this week. We knocked on a door and the people weren’t interested. They gave us a couple of waters and we started walking away when the girl said “Wait! My mom just said she wants you to come in and “pray” for her.” We looked at each other and thought “Why not?” So, we walked in and she was a sweet middle aged lady who is an ampute. She feels a ton of pain from her leg so we gave her a blessing. We saw that she had one of our restoration pamphlets that she had been reading sitting on her bed! We learned her daughter gave it to her about a couple of days before. She told us to come back and we also brought someone from the branch who is an ampute. They talked for no kidding a half hour about it and it was great. He gave her all kinds of advice and tips. She came to church this weekend! She seemed to love it and we’re excited for her to progress.

Next is Abraham. He is the coolest guy ever. We met him a month ago and really haven’t stopped teaching him because we thought he was still worth the time to go and visit. He finally came to church and loved it. He can’t wait to start learning more. So far he has been reading in the Book of Mormon almost every day. He is from Monterrey Mexico. He has plans to come to general conference this weekend!

That’s about it! I love you all so much! I hope you all have the greatest weeks!


Elder Russell




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