Hasta Luego, Laredo

Hey Family!

Well, It looks like it will be my last day in Laredo for awhile! Transfers came last night and It looks like I’m heading out. It will be super weird getting transferred out after spending a total of 7-1/2 months here in Laredo. I love it here. The members are the best and I will definitely miss a ton of the people I have met here. They didn’t give us any more info on where I’m going or who my next companion will be. I should be figuring it out sometime today. I’m way excited to be able to possibly see another part of the mission. I have been in the North part for my whole mission so far.

So, I’m super sad I’m leaving this area even more because we had the same two people at church. Abraham and Margarita. They are both golden. Abraham should be getting baptized this week. He just got interviewed and passed so he is right on track. Margarita will get baptized in a couple more weeks. She is a little bit more slow progressing but she has already come a long way. They are both so special. Even though I’m not going to be able to see the Baptism, I know that they are going to be great members of the Church.

Funny story for you all. Elder Taylor and I were going to a house to try to teach a couple of potential investigators. We knocked and a heavyset guy opens the door. He was super excited. He invited us in, and he was way awesome. Elder Taylor and I thought he was the answer to our prayers of a “Golden Investigator”. We started going through the lesson and every time we brought up a principle of the Gospel, he would shout “AMEN!” and he would have tears in his eyes. So, obviously we decided to bring up the topic of Baptism. Turns out, when we mentioned it he said “Sorry guys, I’m already a member.” What are the chances? Turns out, he was visiting family from San Antonio. He has been less active for years and definitely felt the Spirit though. We are sending the missionaries up there to his house.

That’s about it for this week! I’ll let you all know where I got shipped off to next week. A quick challenge. Everybody, If you didn’t watch a session of conference… Watch it! We have the amazing opportunity of figuratively sitting at the prophet of Gods feet and receiving revelation and council. I know I definitely took it for granted before of the fantastic blessing and opportunity it is to have a Prophet of God on the earth today. I know it will bless each and everyone of you if you do it.

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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