Weslaco, Texas

Hello Family!

Not a ton of time this week!

So I got moved areas! I got moved to the McAllen zone of the mission! I’m finally out of the north. Awesome right? I’m in a city named Weslaco. It’s super great here. It’s definitley an upgrade from Laredo. (in terms of niceness). We have a TON of work to do in this area. It’s going to be really great. This week has been full of meeting new members, getting to know my new comp. (Elder Wilson) and trying to find new people! The McAllen zone is the biggest zone in the mission with over 32 missionaries. Crazy. I just came from a zone with half of that. This will be my first time in a ward in the mission. It was SO weird seeing a full sized chapel again w/ a gym.

We are going to work super hard to try to make things happen in this area! The members are really great here and the area has so much potencial. Just the other day, we found a family of nine! I know right! That’s a Utah sized family for sure. We’re super excited. I’m really sorry for the short E-mail! I will try to get you all more info the next week!

I love you all and will keep you all in my prayers!


Elder Russell


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